You & Your Family Deserve Protection

Your identity is irreplaceable and today it seems easier to steal than ever. Did you know that identity theft ranks as one of the Top 5 Crimes in the United States? Identity Armor is a sophisticated safety network that protects you, your family, and business.

Bulletproof Protection

In today's environment of digital identities, online banking, and digital currencies, it’s more important than ever to totally protect your digital lifestyle with 360 degrees of protection. This means protecting your computer and more importantly making your irreplaceable digital identity bullet proof.

Over 30 Million people had their identities stolen last year.
Don't become the next victim.

The Identity Armor Total Solution

The only secure way to be 100% protected from hackers, data breaches and unscrupulous employees is Identity Armor Protection. Our 6 step process will make breaching your identity almost impossible while building an impenetrable bubble around your digital lifestyle.

Locked Credit

Your credit profile will be unusable should your digital identity be breached. We guarantee that no one will be able to open a NEW credit card, take out a NEW mortgage or even secure a NEW Loan while you are protected by Identity Armor exclusive Sentry Program.