What is Identity Theft?

Fraud is a real problem in the U.S. today. 13.1 million adults are victims of identity fraud, with a new victim every 2 seconds! The average amount per fraud victim is over $1,400! Identity theft can have a long lasting real life consequence.

Identity Armor keeps your identity protected.

Why You Need Protection

Relying solely on your good luck to protect your identity is a risky choice!

You want to buy a new car. But when you apply you discover that you're in default on a mortgage for a home you don't own. You needed Identity Armor.

Your teen has just been accepted at the university, but the tuition loan was rejected due to late car loan payments and you don't own a car! Identity Armor could have helped.

You've found the perfect home, but your mortgage application was refused due to late Mastercard payments, only you've never had a Mastercard. Identity Armor would have been a good choice.

How Identity Armor Works

When you enroll on 888-805-9954, you get:

  • Enrollment in our Credit Lock program
  • 1 Year of AV Protection
  • 1 Year of Ransomware Protection
  • 1 Year Of Password Management Protection
  • PC Security Sweep Every 3 Months for 1 Year
  • Access to USA Based, Background Checked, Threat Level Customer Care Agents

Let us secure your identity

Rather than trying to keep track of all the possible ways identity theft could happen to you, let us armor your identity.